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February 16, 2013
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I solemnly swear that this entire story is true, just the names are changed.  As it is true, you will note it to not be so absurd and extreme as many enjoyable but fictional accounts of human or anthro skunk females passing gas offensively.  But it's real, so enjoy. ;)
Over the summer of 2012, I went for a week-long camping trip with my girlfriend, her brother, his friend, her sister, and her sister's friend.  Now, the focus of this little tale is the sister: she's my girlfriend's younger sister, we'll call her Jillian here.  Jillian is much taller than her older sister.  She's about 6 feet tall, the same height as me, despite being a few years younger. She has long black hair (dyed that way, naturally light brown), pale skin, blue eyes, and a thick curvy build, such that she's bigger and heavier than me.  (I'm a skinny but well-toned guy.)  She's also a blackbelt.  She has a fairly large and fairly round posterior, as well as large (and smelly) feet and medium-size breasts.  She's rather “Amazon” looking overall.  She is also not in the least shy about burping or farting in front of those she's close with, which fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view, includes me.  Jillian also has a bit of a grumpy side, and is not above using physical force, in which she is proficient, or even using her gas to irritate or humiliate.

On this camping trip, she did so a few times.  The first was the Sunday afternoon, the day we first arrived.  All of us were sitting at two picnic tables eating, and Jillian was next to me.  She was wearing black mesh shorts, revealing her gleaming thick legs, and I don't remember what top.  We were all talking, and I started teasing Jillian about something, trolling her if you will, and went a bit too far.  She became actually rather irritated, and suddenly turned on me: “You should know I gotta fart right now, and if you don't shut up it's gonna be ON you.”  My girlfriend just chuckled, some of the others were quiet some kinda laughing too.  Testing my luck, and not being one to much mind the sound or scent of an attractive woman's farts, I just egged Jillian on, daring her.  She glared and without saying a word, stood up, put one foot up on the bench Captain Morgan style, had her large ass facing directly at me less than a foot from my face, pushed it back and let loose a loud fart.  It took a surprisingly long time for the smell to hit me for some reason, but when it did, damn: it was a concentrated, sharp, stinky pure fart smell for sure.  I sort of half-coughed when I breathed it in.  Everyone laughed and were a bit shocked.  The fart lingered in a cloud around me for probably about a minute.  Jillian laughed the hardest of course: “Baha, told you!  How's that?  Hope you get pink eye!”  Luckily, I did not.  I did make a big show of hating it and being totally grossed out, when in fact I was quite physically stimulated.

We had good times camping doing typical camping things the rest of that day and the next, with no similar incidents, but on Tuesday I was in the camper (most of us stay in it, the brother and his friend in a tent) with Jillian briefly.  We had a bit of a disagreement about where someone had placed bug spray, something stupid like that.  At one point Jillian sat on my pillow, (she was wearing blue jean shorts by the way) and continued to as we were talking a while, then said: “Ah hang on...wait for it...” and let out a fart through...the front.  AKA her vagina.  The sound was thus pretty wet and gross sounding.  She chuckled a bit meanly and spread her legs a bit to fan it my direction: it smelled sulfuric, with a slight hint of pussy smell, I don't think she'd showered the previous day and was pretty sweaty down there I'm sure.  Again I “complained” about the farting on my pillow, even though I found it super hot.  After she'd left, I made sure no one could see and sniffed the pillow: it held a faint smell, which quickly faded.

A couple other times over the week I noticed (heard and/or smelled) her or her friend (much less attractive) fart, never intentionally on or towards me or my stuff again though.  Still hot.

There have been other times outside of that trip, like at home, when she's done similar things, or putting her feet in people's faces (her large don't smell so good most of the time) or burping in someone's face.  Jillian's honestly USUALLY pretty easy-going and good to get along with, I'm happy she's gonna be my sister-in-law in a couple years due to how many good times and talks we've had, but damn she can be a gross semi-dominant bitch when she feels like it.  My girlfriend doesn't know a thing about how hot I find that, and she never will.

If anyone has any more questions or requests for more info about Jillian or true stories about her, lemme know on comments here or notes.  Please note I'm not gonna make things up just for them to be hot or entertaining, it's all gonna be true, but there's a lot of fun truth!  Hope you enjoyed, and enjoy if you ask anything more.
Couple true incidents of the gas-passing of my girlfriend's sister. Feel free to comment here or private message me asking for more info, questions. It will all be true, I won't make things up just to make you happy, but there's plenty of great true stories.
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BlueBacon Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
she sounds so hot. ypure lucky dude
yo3351 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013
can we get some more true stories man ^^ also has she ever sat on your face for a long while and just let them rip
skuntankblahblah Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
She's never done that. This though: Another true thing: tonight I was with my girlfriend, and Jillian visiting a mutual friend at the friend's college dorm. Her roommate was asleep, and Jillian kept going over and farting on her. It was hilarious. They stunk so bad too, roommate was lucky to be asleep. Jillian had to go to the bathroom soon after then lol.
yo3351 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
cool so are we expecting any stories from you man
skuntankblahblah Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
New part 3 of the enslaved by skunk story: [link]
LostSoulMalachi Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang~ XD Nice!
skuntankblahblah Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
Jillian sat on and tickled me today. Didn't fart, but, she's heavy and I couldn't breathe between the weight and the tickling.
samahiaka Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
Do you ever plan on telling your girlfriend about your secret fetish's ? can't hurt can it ?
search4me Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
i have had an experience where one of my friends, kim, she farted in my room then she goes "oh pay back time"
Confused I asked "what?" Then before i could say another word (i was on my bed reading) she had sat on my head and let out 3 very hot silent farts with the last one a little more audible and sounding a little wet. The stench was ungodly as i tried to get away but she just wiggled her 'not so skinny' ass on my face saying "revenge for all your farts that I've smelt! Hope it smells nice and eggy down there I had an egg mcmuffin for breakfast."
Of course we fart around each other all the time being room mates but this time her farts absolutely stunk, i swear the smell even stuck to my clothes it was that strong. We never take any of this personally it was just a bit of fun but still pretty hot and damn stinky.
10zl Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
Wow that must be soo stinky one :D I wish I was a witness of your fart contest ;) heh
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